The big question going on around the lighting world is what is the difference between incandescent lights and LED lights. Also, what are the benefits of choosing one over the other. So we are going to try to break that down for you.

 You may think that using LEDs are not traditional and that may take away from the feel of your decorating, but LEDs are actually very bright and very crisp and clean colors that will just enhance your Christmas decor.  Not only do LEDs look great but they run on lower wattage and have longer life-spans.   You can connect more strings together, and you never have to replace a bulb again. 

Now you may say ok they may be more efficient but HOW much more efficient can they really be? Well, the numbers are actually pretty staggering! Based on small bulbs incandescent uses 0.425 watts per bulb and LED uses 0.069 watts per bulb.  Also, with  incandescent you can connect up to 5 strings, but with LED’s can connect up to 43 strings of lights.Incandescent have a 3,000 hour life-span and LEDs have a 200,000 hour life-span, and finally incandescent color is painted on and LEDs color is diode and plastic so it will never fade, chip, or peel!

LED’s are more expensive when purchased, but you should see a return on the initial investment with electrical savings and fewer replacement bulbs needed.  LED’s also tend to show a more “blue” color so at times, incandescent are preferred for color reasons.

 There you go, the differences between LED’s and Incandescent light bulbs.  Both make for beautiful light displays.   At North Pole Productions we make sure the right bulb is picked for each display.  Our lighting experts are always on hand to discuss with you the right display choice.  Give us a call today, we promise it will be an illuminating conversation.

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