Looking for something new for your Fair, Festival or Event? See video below.

Booking Now for  2013.  Just a few openings available for this ONLY MOBILE VERSION

It is self-contained, runs a 10 minute educational show every 30 minutes and, in between,  it is interactive. & has its own walk around costumed “Rocky the Rooster” for your personnel to use. The kids can push buttons and the chickens pop up and tell jokes. During the shows they sing and entertain. How many other special attractions/ground’s acts give you this much value?

This attraction is booked solid in the North East. My thinking would be sponsorship opportunities for KFC, Chick Filet and/or feed stores these could include bounce back coupons. The kids absolutely love this show.

My number is 775-544-7480.


Pricing is right in the pocket.

John Owens, CFE

AVAILABLE NOW for some open dates for  2013
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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re4qmPDJU1M]

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