North Pole Productions Company Update


The excitement, interest and enthusiasm for North Pole Productions at the recently finished IAFE convention in Las Vegas was huge.  We have been attending for a long time and have to say this year was the best.  We will be getting back to each of you that expressed interest in NPP Shows producing your 2013 Christmas Light Show OR booking the Fabulous Barnyard Cackle Review just as soon as we can.  Thank you so much for your interest in our Company. NPP Shows has been so busy getting all their Holiday Light Shows up and running! All of the elves have been scurrying to get everything done, working long hours and always finding the energy to get everything done. Whew! We have to say we are so proud of our elves. They are an incredible team  and an integral part of our production company. Thank you team! More NPP updates next week!


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